Kagurabachi Manga

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Synopsis of Kagurabachi Manga

Young Chihiro spends his days training under his famous swordsmith father. One day he hopes to become a great sword-maker himself. The goofy father and the serious son—they thought these days would last forever. But suddenly, tragedy strikes. A dark day soaked in blood. Chihiro and his blade now live only for revenge. Epic sword battle action!

Kagurabachi Manga Review

Kagurabachi is the greatest piece of fiction to ever exist in the history of reality itself. Kagurabachi has transcended the concept of being peak and is above all subjective and objective ratings, it is not possible to accurately describe kagurabachi using human words or emotions.

But in all seriousness, Kagurabachi is the newest Shounen jump series that has received unbelievable hype among English-speaking fans. The hype isn’t necessarily because it’s that good or anything, it’s just a funny joke. The actuality of Kagurabachi is that it is a pretty generic shounen with an edgy protagonist and good art. At the time of writing this, there are only 2 chapters out so I can not judge if it’s good or not however I can say it has potential. With series like Black Clover and My Hero Academia reaching their climaxes, new promising manga has to come out of Shounen Jump and I believe this could be one of them.

You should check this out if you’re into Shounen manga, but you might want to wait for a few more chapters to come out.

Reviewer’s Rating: 7